BRIDE TIP: Hair vs. Wind = Battle Royale

As a Kauai based wedding photographer, one of the few complaints I hear about getting married in Hawaii would be from the ladies concerning their hair and how its effected by our weather. It's either windy or humid on Kauai, neither of which are ideal for maintaining a hairstyle throughout an outdoor wedding.  We are gifted the cooling, cherished trade winds around 250 days out of the year. In summer months, the 'Trades' blow around 90% of the time whereas during winter months the tradewinds can be down to around 40-50%. We also get Kona wind from the south, but let's not even go there. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, that's a lot of wind! And by the way, it can blow up to 30mph at times!! Think of Donald Trump in a wind tunnel. Not cute. So, long haired brides, superbly coiffed grooms, if you are not looking for that wild wind blown look, you may want to prepare. Here I provide some tips for looking your best on your wedding day.

poor thing!

poor thing!

My personal tips: 

1: I carry bobby pins and I run out all the time. Did a strip of your bangs go rogue? Did your flower droop down and impersonate an earmuff? Is that a bun-tail hybrid? No worries, you brought bobby pins and a quick repair saves the atrocity from being documented in photography throughout the end of time. Bobby pins. 

2: The time of day matters. Early mornings, and more practical, evenings,  winds are their calmest. Early dinner plans can be a wedding photographers worst enemy. Dinner plans often push an early timeline which in turn forces us to shoot earlier in the afternoon, when higher winds are more prevalent. Yes, still be ready for the humidity however. 

3: Hire a professional, because there are no do-overs and I can't fix that in photoshop :)

Mia Moriguchi ( on Hair/Wind/Humidity Hacks:

Tip 1: Product Product Product!!!  Hair in Hawaii NEEDS product!  Use a humidity resistant hairspray.  Especially if your hair is prone to frizz you need to use product to make sure that your "do" doesn't turn into a crazy mess when you walk outside.  I always like to use some pomade after styling to smooth and control the frizzies.  

Tip 2: Set your hair.  If your hair does not hold curl well it WILL drop, so it is always best to start your locks out curlier than you'd want.  Setting the curl will help it to maintain its curl longer.  To set the curl just pin it up so that the curl has time to "lock in" while it's cooling, then remove the pin and you'll get a nice bouncy curl.  You could also use hot rollers.  I always like to spray the hair with hairspray BEFORE I curl it, it seems to keep the curl better.  

Tip 3: You'll worry less with an updo. If you don't want to have to worry about your hair falling flat or flying in your face when you recite your vows, go with an updo. An updo will stay in place throughout the night and you won't have to worry about losing curl or making sure your hair looks good in every picture!

*Mia is a licensed esthetician and an expert in makeup, hair and humidity; born and raised on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, she been helping women look and feel their best since 2002.

wind & humidity proof

wind & humidity proof

by Brian Finch,